Advising management and board of directors

Sparring with integrity

Sparring with integrity and professional expertise is essential to every company. We take our many years of experience in operation of enterprises as a starting point. By means of sparring we are able to identify and clarify your needs. If we are not able to help you in all aspects, we have a partner who is.

Our approach should not be considered as a guide to how you should do, rather a practical approach to strategic action. We continuously keep track of your business, and we participate in the day-to-day operation according to your needs.


– from challenge to solution and result

Customer case Management advice and sparring

We treat all our customers with full confidentiality. That’s why we don’t name our cases.

Professional advice

There are several roles to fulfil in the daily operation, from visions, strategy and board duties to the day-to-day working. One single person cannot perform them all, and there will always be roles that come more naturally than others. We’ll help you express the roles in words as well as the tasks that fall within this scope. We know how to step into the roles, and we can also help you getting the foundation into place, enabling you to recruit a permanent employee more easily.
This often involves:


  • Establishing a management team
  • Establishing management meetings with a profitable agenda
  • Establishing goals for the company and the individual employees
  • Execution of strategy
  • Reporting to the board of directors
  • Being part of the board
  • Reporting to parent company
  • Reporting to management team

Day-to-day operations and administration

  • Training on using the Microsoft Office suite, usually Excel and Word
  • Structure, organization of e-mail correspondence and calendar
  • Contracts with customers, dealers and employees
  • Contact person for public authorities, trade unions, etc.
  • General efficiency improvement and streamlining

Human resource management

  • Establishment of appraisal interviews
  • Establishing goals for the company and the individual employees
  • Adapting resources


  • Training in cost accounting
  • Preparation of business cases
  • Investment estimates
  • Divestment of production units
  • Merger of business in practice
  • Overview of competitors’ economics and initiatives
  • Financial plans, long-term (typically 5 years), but also on an annual basis

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