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Fast, flexible and competent assistance

Interim Management provides quick and flexible support for both management and business. We have experience from many industries and business areas. Our team secures you from loss of valuable knowledge due to long-term illness, maternity, leave or termination for you to continue smoothly.

We provide a competent and experienced replacement if unforeseen situations arise with respect to staffing. It may be that your accounts manager is taken ill or gives notice.

Furthermore, Interim Management provides support during peak periods and assistance during project implementation processes. We’ll help seeing your projects through to the end, on time, and will contribute to a flexible company capable of rapid conversion.

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Interim Manager

Get an extra resource in the company

Interim Manager

There may be many reasons why a company needs temporary assistance: You are experiencing growth and need extra resources, but do not want to invest in a permanent employee. Or, long-term illness, maternity or staff turnovers may occur which require rapid, temporary reduction of load or where replacement could be a possibility.

When your financial department is under pressure or you experience that tasks are neglected due to lack of resources, it’s tempting to not take the time to search for reinforcement. With interim assistance from us you get immediate help to manage the day-to-day operations and the time needed to find the right candidate or the optimal set-up.

External finance director

Advantageously, you could hire an external finance director to attend to the overall finance function of your enterprise during a specific period of time. You’ll get a highly qualified resource with experience from other companies the size of or in the same industry as yours.

You get a skilled advisor with profound knowledge, providing advisory on best practice and sparring with the management. In addition, an external finance director is capable of guiding the finance department and take responsibility for all tasks – from budgets and forecasts to reporting and financial statements.

Finance controller

Advantageously, you could have your very own controller to assist in the financial function. You’ll get a qualified resource with experience from other business areas and companies the size of yours and with knowledge of financial management optimization and efficiency improvements.

The controller is capable of preparing monthly accounts, reports and prepare for the auditor. Our controllers also have strong skills in digitizing and establishing efficient processes in the finance function.

We address your urgent challenges

Thanks to Interim Management you’ll have a manager affiliated when acute business challenges arise. We can help when your business needs to fill a vacancy, short-term or long-term.

Interim Management saves your business time and hassle as, quickly and easily, we’ll fill the gap, partly or fully. Among other things, we offer our help with tasks such as:

  • Day-to-day management of bookkeeping and accounting functions
  • Participation in the management of the company
  • Overview of accounting
  • Batch reporting
  • Balancing of annual accounts in preparation for the auditor etc.
  • Management reports
  • Cashflow management
  • Budget and forecast process
  • Project management

Assistance to the accounting department

Interim Management is a help and service when your company needs to fill a vacancy, short-term and long-term. This may be relevant if your accounting department:
  • Is affected by illness
  • Receives a resignation from a front-line employee
  • Experiences a peak period
  • Has to handle a major project

What you can expect from an interim resource

You’ll be offered an interim resource who, with short notice, will step in at the company’s premises.

You’ll get a resource that has experience with all common financial systems, such as SAP, e-conomic, Navision, Unicenta, Visma Business, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

You’ll get a flexible agreement, and you only pay for the actual time we’ve spent at your premises.

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