We step into your accounting or financial department to put you in a strong position


– we are part of your team


We are affiliated to your accounting department either externally or internally


We optimize and improve your work flow procedures to release resources


We assist you in bringing about lasting changes and a foundation for growth

Upgrading and optimizing your finance function

The problems we face among our customers are often similar, in spite of different industries:

It is difficult to attract and retain a competent finance director.

Even the most skilled accountant rarely has enough knowledge to provide management with constructive advice.

The company’s auditor is too far away to capture the weaknesses and the gaps in the day-to-day operations.

The biggest challenge, however, may be that medium-sized businesses do not have access to the same financial insight and security as large companies and organizations. That’s why we offer to upgrade and optimize the finance function of your company and at the same time better prepare management to get exactly the knowledge of and insight into the economic data needed in day-to-day operations.

This is how we work

First of all, we are doing our utmost to become an integral part of your business. We usually carry out the tasks at your premises, and you will experience that our employees quickly fall into being a natural part of the team. Often, a few focused days are sufficient to get an in-depth review of the company from a financial point of view. We contribute with experienced experts with in-depth knowledge of auditing, accounts, finance, and management.

Based on the company’s key figures, reports, budgets, and workflows, we will assess how you can optimize your reporting – an invaluable tool that improves management’s ability to act in time. We provide possible solutions concerning processes which may not work optimally, just as we challenge ‘business as usual’ in general.

To wind up the process, you’ll receive a report containing all the observations and suggestions for optimizations that we have made during our meeting.

What can you expect?
As a direct result of our collaboration, including the ongoing reporting and sparring with the executive management, most customers experience a much better touch with the financial situation. So, even if the daily tasks are outsourced, we are always present and we make sure to give you a thorough understanding of your finances.

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