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We step in as part of your team. With us on board you’ll get the full view of the finances of your company, including reporting, follow-up and budgeting.

We’ll assist you with monthly reporting, management and insight. At the same time, we actively use financial follow-up. By turning historical data into the foundation for budgets, we’ll be able to provide you with a tailored management tool which you can use internally to make sure you are on course. In addition, we make sure that budgeting becomes an asset in your strategic planning.

We have broad extensive experience concerning financial, creditors and debtors management. Furthermore, we have positive experience with respect to VAT declaration and reporting to the authorities, as well as preparation for month-end and year-end closing of accounts. We are an experienced partner within the entire finance function, including team management, and we have experience from both Danish and international companies.

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Monthly reporting and management reporting

Monthly reporting and management reporting

Monthly reporting can provide a sense of the development of the company and is a solid data basis for critical operational decisions. This applies not only for the closing of the financial year but also for the day-to-day operations.

Monthly reports and management reports, balance sheets etc. are all reporting types that can provide you with the best possible basis for financial supervision and management across the entire company.

Reporting traditionally is about the preparation of the financial condition of the company based on the above. For example, reports are generated monthly or quarterly, but may include real-time reporting by means of online systems. Basically, financial data include accounts and budgets, but may also include other areas such as investments or key figures.

Based on this information, you will be able to answer questions such as:
  • Does the company keep its budgets?
  • Which investments would be most advantageous?
  • Is the company able to generate profits from the subscribed capital?
  • How do customers react over time to changes in pricing?
In short, ongoing reporting and processing of financial and operational data can provide you with the best possible basis for making important decisions concerning operation and the future of the company.

Optimal management and insight

For many companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, it is far from always that sufficient internal resources are available to perform tasks such as development and implementation of reporting. This is one of the areas for which we can assist your business achieve optimal management of and insight into the financial condition of the business through reporting.

We offer:

  • Development of reporting standards
  • Assistance with respect to definition of intermediate objectives and targets
  • Consultation relating to which figures, data and calculations to be included in the reporting
  • Technical assistance for implementation of reporting
  • Sparring concerning development of reporting design
  • Design and implementation of graphical reporting tools

Financial follow-up

Foundation and guidelines

Turn the focus of quarterly and annual reports 180 degrees and take the long look ahead. In short, this is what the benefits of good financial follow-up provide access to. With a focus on financial follow-up, we take historical data and make them the foundation for forecasts and budgets. It is the company’s internal management tool, which among other things can be used to follow up on budgets to determine whether the course is still in line with the company’s objectives.


Through quantitative and qualitative analysis of key figures, sales development, production data and more, financial follow-up can help you identify where the company is performing well and where things are not developing as expected.

Detailed insight

Our qualified staff can handle all or part of your company’s financial follow-up. For example, this could be in the form of ongoing financial reports. Thanks to our assistance, you gain a broad and detailed insight with a focus on knowledge that can be translated into strategic decisions and, ultimately, create growth

Tailored financial management

Financial management is carried out within the frames of a finance system. Your industry, products, customers and partners help to make your situation unique. A retail trade has different conditions, a different day-to-day business and sometimes different needs than a manufacturing company. Our approach is based on your particular situation. Financial management is conducted on the basis of the needs of the individual company and their wishes for reporting level, among other things.

We offer

We offer a wide range of financial follow-up services. This includes:
  • Quality assurance
  • Support of financial follow-up monitoring
  • Analysis of actual figures
  • Comparison of actual figures against similar periods or budget


Make a financial surplus and limber up workloads by means of detailed, professional budgeting that can create the basis for economic growth.
When looking at the staff members of the financial department of companies, few have the time and perhaps the expertise to handle the critical details that make budgeting an active, central element in strategic planning.
Budget structures, budget models, budget procedures, compliance requirements, follow-up, structure and uses. Operating budgets, cash flow and balance sheet budgets. There’s a lot to keep track of when carrying out budgeting – and much that can lead to confusion and noise. When done correctly, budgeting can be a key tool for assessing and measuring the company. At the same time, it is invaluable as a foundation for making important decisions to future-proof your business.
We offer a wide range of services related to budgeting tasks. This includes:
  • Development of budget models
  • Sparring regarding budgeting
  • Budgetary control and quality checks
  • Working capital management
  • Credit rating assistance
  • Investment simulations

Credibility and trust

As a result, you get budgets which help to increase credibility and confidence in the budget. All of which ensures compliance requirements and quality expectations among for example financial relations (banks etc.), business partners, and potential or existing investors.

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