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Knowledge and experience adapted to your business

Choosing us, you’ll get a full-service solution that is flexible and economically competitive. We contribute with a strong team which only few companies are able to present – in terms of knowledge and experience. We tailor the solution to suit your business. Together, we create the best possible conditions for the continued growth of your company.

We make sure that you are never in arrears with your accounting and that you observe all current bookkeeping acts – including VAT declaration. We take over the accounting, and you can always rely on our expertise as an accountant.

We will prepare the entire package for you and find out who should make out customer invoices, who should pay your suppliers, etc. This offers you more time to focus on value-adding activities for your company and your own customers while we conduct your accounting.

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We treat all our customers with full confidentiality. That’s why we don’t name our cases.



Current status of your accounts

You will get insight into your accounts and financial position, enabling you to always act on the basis of ongoing and up-to-date accounts. It is also required that all businesses shall keep records and observe the law. We can do this for you. 

Track of figures

We will ensure that you have a good grip of internal and external accounts, including
  • Income and expenses
  • Records
  • The value of the company (assets)
  • Debts of the company (liabilities)

Basis of reporting

Accounting and bookkeeping also forms the basis for declaration of VAT and preparation of the financial statements. By letting an accountant prepare the external or internal accounts, you ensure that your company meets the requirements of payroll and tax reporting.

A system adapted to your needs

Accounting is currently carried out in a program which appropriately is referred to as accounts management software. We use many different applications, from small simple systems to large international ones. It is important to use a system which is adapted to the business’ needs, and we can advise you if desired.

Statutory accounting

According to law, accounting is statutory for all profit-making undertakings in Denmark. In addition, accounting provides the basis for making the right decisions for your business. A good basis for decision-making is an up-to-date bookkeeping, avoiding that you make decisions on a wrong basis and assuring that you always keep track of accounting and payroll within the company.


If you choose to outsource your finance function, you also buy our core competences: Financial systems and the use of them. That’s what we’re best at! We have the systems that ensure you a structured and flexible finance function, and we provide the hands and heads that fully master the systems. When choosing our accounting services, you release important resources that instead can be used to strengthen your core services to the benefit of the business.

Payroll administration

Keep track of all rules

With a busy schedule with operations, production, sales work, accounting and much more, it can be difficult and time-consuming to familiarize yourself with all rules on wages and salaries, holiday pay, etc. We know all the rules, and we are ready to offer you advice so that you can act from them.


We can help your company administer wages and salaries, including all the administrative burdens, to avoid the risk of incorrect payment of salaries and wages. These may be errors which are costly for the company as well as the employees. Passing on the responsibility for the company’s payroll management to us allows you to spend the excess time on other value-adding activities

Holiday provisions

When we take care of payroll, you need not worry about the pay and to make yourself acquainted with holiday acts, weekday holidays, the free choice scheme, etc. At the same time, your employees are sure to receive the right pay.
Our payroll experts are experienced users of several payroll systems, including digital payroll management. We are experts in the area of wages and salaries, and we always observe current legislation and the latest pay conditions.

Salary systems

Our payroll consultants are experienced users of several payroll systems, including digital payroll administration. They are specialists in the field of pay and always comply with current legislation and the latest pay conditions.

Quality control and advice

If you outsource all or part of the payroll administration to us, we provide continuous quality-controlled information and valuable professional feedback and advice regarding pay and payroll administration.

Reimbursement of sickness and maternity

We would also be happy to assist with other tasks related to pay and payroll administration. This could for example be application for reimbursement in case of sickness or maternity.

Payroll systems and digital management

We use many different payroll systems, the best known being Dataløn and Danløn, however, we are also familiar with less specialized systems. You can upload pay information using our customer login. This makes management faster as well as easier in a busy day-to-day life.

Thanks to digital payroll administration, you’ll save time and avoid emails, long Excel sheets, problems and troubles, and you always have pay information right at hand.

Outsourcing of payroll administration

When choosing to outsource the payroll administration of your company, you employ a fixed resource from us to carry out the administrative payroll tasks and the general payroll administration. You retain full control, as we do not pay out wages and salaries until the pay slips have been approved.
If you choose to outsource the payroll administration to us, you only pay for the actual work hours we spend managing your company’s salaries and wages. Not for breaks, holidays, absence, or wasted time. Further, you can choose between support and fixed outsourcing. The scope of the tasks we have to deal with is always agreed on a flexible basis and as required. We would also be pleased to answer technical questions from your employees regarding salaries and wages.
The benefits from outsourcing payroll administration are that you get more time and resources to focus on other things than pay – meaning the core business and profitable activities. At the same time, we guarantee that wage and salary experts will handle your pay conditions according to rules and on time.

General administration

With respect to general administration, we’ll take care of operations and support to other departments of the company, including answering of telephones, overview of resources and holiday plans, ordering office supplies, etc. We make sure that everything around you works, leaving you to focus on your professional capabilities.

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